Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–271.05. Annual report to the Council.

(a) The Mayor shall submit to the Council by December 30 of each year, beginning in 2009, an annual report on the status of pre-k for all sectors, accompanied, in 2009, by the independent quality evaluation required by § 38-271.03, which shall include OSSE’s assessment of the:

(1) Annual achievements made as measured against the benchmarks developed the previous year;

(2) Number and success of the quality improvement plans implemented;

(3) Status of the monitoring, assessment, and accountability processes for all programs within the pre-k-education system; and

(4) Results of the current capacity audit of all pre-k programs.

(b) For the 2009 report, for which benchmarks would not have been submitted in the prior year, the annual achievements shall be measured using existing reliable data and that data shall be included, or an abstract thereof, in the evaluation.