Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–2561.16. Reporting requirements.

(a) The SEA shall report annually, on or before the 1st day of the school year, for each nonpublic special education school or program:

(1) The name and location of each nonpublic special education school or program issued or denied a Certificate of Approval by the SEA, including the status of each;

(2) The number of children assigned to each school or program;

(3) Any enforcement action that has been taken with respect to the license, Certificate of Approval, or charter of the school or program;

(4) Any action the school or program has taken, or is taking, with respect to an enforcement action;

(5) All incident reports, including any report of abuse, neglect, or use of aversive intervention regarding any student placed by an LEA;

(6) Any investigation taken by the school or program as a result of an incident, including:

(A) The time it took to complete the investigation;

(B) Whether the parents or guardian of the student, the LEA, and the SEA have been informed of the report; and

(C) The progress and outcomes of the investigation, including any action taken by the facility; provided, that the information shall not be reported in a manner that violates any applicable provision of federal, state, or local law relating to the privacy of student information.

(b) The report shall be made available to the public on the SEA’s website.