Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–1853.06. Priorities.

In awarding grants under § 38-1853.04(a), the Secretary shall give priority to applications from eligible entities that will most effectively—

(1) in awarding scholarships under § 38-1853.07(a), give priority to—

(A) eligible students who, in the school year preceding the school year for which the eligible students are seeking a scholarship, attended an elementary school or secondary school identified as one of the lowest-performing schools under the District of Columbia's accountability system; and

(B) students whose household includes a sibling or other child who is already participating in the program of the eligible entity under this chapter, regardless of whether such students have, in the past, been assigned as members of a control study group for the purposes of an evaluation under § 38-1853.09(a) or whether such students have, in the past, attended a private school;

(2) target resources to students and families that lack the financial resources to take advantage of available educational options; and

(3) provide students and families with the widest range of educational options.