Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–1403. Penalty for failure to register.

Such of the officers and of the faculty of any such medical or dental college in existence on May 4, 1896, and of every such college thereafter sought to be opened in said District, which shall continue or commence to offer instruction in such capacity without first obtaining registration and permit, as hereinbefore provided, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, upon an information similar to that filed in the case of violations of the police regulations made by the said Council of the District of Columbia, shall be fined not less than $25 nor more than $250, and in default of payment thereof shall be imprisoned in the common jail of said District not less than 30 days nor more than 90 days; said fines when collected to be paid into the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the District of Columbia.