Code of the District of Columbia

§ 37–106. Eastern Market building and tenants.

(a) Tenants shall not occupy any space or stand inside the Eastern Market building without first having entered into a written contract with the market manager.

(b) Each contract shall require that the tenant possess the required business license and sales and use tax number and comply with the laws, regulations and rules governing Eastern Market.

(c) Tenants may not stock or sell any class of item not specified on the tenant’s written contract. Tenants may not sell food prepared for immediate consumption on the premises unless specifically authorized by the tenant’s written contract.

(d) The market manager may enter into contracts with one or more tenants to sell and serve food prepared for immediate consumption on premises, but no more than 15% of the gross first floor space inside the Eastern Market building may be assigned for these purposes, except that no tenant selling or serving take-out food on August 1, 1997, shall be required to modify that tenant’s operations as a result of the application of this provision. The market manager shall give priority to selling prepared foods typical of the Mid-Atlantic region, while encouraging a diversity of food offerings, and to tenants who are not affiliated with any franchise or chain fast-food organizations.

(e) The market manager may enter into a written contract with a tenant to operate the North Hall as a community arts center. The North Hall shall also be available for periodic use by community groups not involved in promoting the arts, and on a space-available basis, rented for fund-raising or for-profit activities. The contract shall specify a space charge that shall reflect rents or fees charged to art galleries, dance companies, theatrical companies and other similar arts-promoting entities, and to community-based or non-profit public activities.

(f) Community groups using the space for membership meetings or public forums, other than fundraising or other income-producing activities, shall be charged a nominal fee to compensate for administrative and security costs of the event.

(g) A tenant shall not occupy more space than is assigned to that tenant, and no alteration to stands or fixtures of any kind shall be made without the written approval of the market manager. Tenants shall keep and maintain their space or stands in a manner satisfactory to the market manager. The market manager may specify the location where a tenant shall receive commodities and the doors through which commodities may be conveyed. Tenants shall dispose of all garbage and rubbish as directed by the market manager.

(h) Alcoholic beverages shall not be sold in the Eastern Market building except pursuant to the following:

(1) An ABC license for special events; and

(2) The written consent of the market manager.