Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–601.29. Prohibited suppliers’ activities.

No person shall sell or distribute bingo samples or equipment to any licensed organization without first having obtained a suppliers’ license, but an organization which is or has been, during the preceding 12 months, licensed to conduct bingo in the District of Columbia may sell bingo supplies and equipment actually used by it in the conduct of bingo to another licensed organization. No licensed supplier shall sell bingo cards unless there is printed thereon the name, mark, or symbol of the printer or manufacturer which the supplier has registered with the Office. No person directly or indirectly connected with the manufacture, sale, or distribution of bingo supplies or equipment, and no agent, servant, or employee of such person, shall conduct, advise, or assist in the conduct of bingo; render any service to anyone conducting or assisting in the conduct of bingo; or prepare any form required of a licensed organization pertaining to bingo. No licensed supplier, or his agent, salesman, or representative, shall, during the term of the license, sell or distribute bingo supplies or equipment to any person or organization other than a licensed supplier or licensed organization. No licensed supplier, or his authorized agent, salesman, or representative, shall be present to transact business during the conduct of bingo.