Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–2702. Formation and operation of 1-call center.

(a) All utility operators doing business or having underground facilities in the District of Columbia shall form and operate a one-call center for the mutual receipt of notification of proposed excavation or demolition operations within the District of Columbia. The one-call center, to which notification concerning proposed excavation or demolition should be directed, shall file with the Mayor the telephone number and address of such center, and a list of the name and address of each utility operator participating in the operation of the center.

(b) All agencies or instrumentalities of the District of Columbia owning, leasing, maintaining, or otherwise possessing an interest in underground facilities shall join and participate in the one-call center. The name and address of each District agency or instrumentality participating in the operation of the one-call center shall be included in the list transmitted by the one-call center to the Mayor.

(c) The one-call center shall provide call records to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs for enforcement purposes pursuant to § 34-2707(d) .