Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–2401.10. Water rents — Refund for erroneous payment.

The Mayor of the District of Columbia is hereby authorized to cause all water rents erroneously paid after March 3, 1905, in the District of Columbia to be refunded in the manner prescribed by law for the refunding of erroneously paid taxes; provided, that application for refund shall be made within 2 years after such erroneous payment. And after March 3, 1905, the said Mayor is authorized to cause to be refunded in the same manner and subject to the same limitations all money paid for water for any special purpose where the project is abandoned and the water not used, and for tapping water mains and for furnishing stopcock where the service is not rendered and the material is not furnished; and all money refunded under this section shall be paid from and charged to the water fund.