Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–2401.06. Change of ownership or occupancy; statement of account.

(a) Any person who desires a statement of the account of any water and sanitary sewer service charge to the date of the acquisition of any real property shall make a written request to the Department of Public Works (“Department”) on or before the date of the acquisition, except that the Mayor may enforce payment of water and sewer service charges by shutting off the water supply or refusing to restore the water supply without regard to a change of ownership or occupancy of any real property. The Department shall issue a statement of the account within 30 days after receipt of the request for a statement of the account.

(b) The Mayor, with prior written notice to the owner of the date and time of entry, and consistent with constitutional guidelines, may enter any building, establishment, or other premises furnished water or sanitary sewer service. If the Mayor is unable to gain entry to the real property after 2 attempts, the Mayor shall notify the owner or occupant to contact the Department within 3 business days after notice is mailed to the owner. If the owner or occupant fails to contact the Department, it shall be presumed that the owner or occupant refuses to permit entry to the property and the Mayor may impose a penalty of $100 and shut off the water supply to the real property. Upon the payment of the penalty or issuance of a final decision where the owner files a request for administrative review, the Mayor shall restore the water supply.