Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–2006. Exemptions.

(a) This chapter shall not apply to cable television services performed pursuant to an existing cable television franchise agreement with the District of Columbia which is in effect on September 9, 1996. To the extent that a cable television company seeks to provide local exchange services within the District of Columbia, such company shall be regulated under the provisions of this chapter for their local exchange services.

(b) Pursuant to the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, this chapter shall not apply to licensed or unlicensed wireless services authorized by the Federal Communications Commission operating in the District of Columbia.

(c) This chapter shall not:

(1) Apply to the provision, rates, charges, or terms of service of Voice Over Internet Protocol Service or Internet Protocol-enabled Service;

(2) Alter the authority of the Commission to enforce the requirements as are otherwise provided for, or allowed by, federal law, including the collection of Telecommunications Relay Service fees and universal service fees;

(3) Alter the authority of the Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications with respect to the provision of video services in the District of Columbia; or

(4) Alter the Commission’s existing authority over the regulation of circuit-switched local exchange services in the District of Columbia.