Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–1671.06. Duties of the gas company.

(a) The gas company shall provide distribution services to all customers and natural gas suppliers on rates, terms, and conditions that are comparable to the gas company’s own use of its distribution system. The gas company shall not operate its distribution systems in a manner that favors the natural gas supply of the gas company’s affiliates and shall not price its services in a manner that impedes competition.

(b) The gas company shall comply with the following provisions with respect to its relationship with its customers:

(1) The gas company shall provide natural gas supplier choice information and facilitate enrollment of customers pursuant to the natural gas supplier choice education program approved by the Commission.

(2) The gas company shall provide, pursuant to the prices, terms, and conditions of its tariffs approved by the Commission, default service to those customers who do not select a natural gas supplier and to customers who chose a natural gas supplier but whose service is terminated by the customer or by the natural gas supplier for any reason.