Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–1671.03. Role, duties, and powers of the Commission.

(a) The Commission shall adopt regulations or issue orders to:

(1) Govern the licensing and the revocation, suspension, or surrender of a natural gas supplier license;

(2) Implement customer protections;

(3) Establish procedural rules for complaints, investigations, and dispositional hearings;

(4) Impose a civil penalty or other remedy;

(5) Require that residential customers’ bills indicate, as an individual line item, charges for retail natural gas sales;

(6) Establish reasonable requirements for solicitation of residential customers;

(7) Establish uniform contract terms, except as to price, for the enrollment agreement for residential customers;

(8) Establish reasonable procedures for contracting between residential customers and natural gas suppliers;

(9) Establish reasonable requirements and limitations relating to deposits, billing, contract cancellations, and disconnections of residential customers; and

(10) Establish minimum service quality, safety, and reliability standards.

(b) The Commission shall adopt any other regulations, or issue any other orders, consistent with the policies enunciated in this chapter that are necessary to ensure the development of a competitive market for retail natural gas, billing, and any component of retail natural gas sales declared to be a potentially competitive service.