Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–1671.01. Findings.

The Council of the District of Columbia finds that:

(1) It is in the public interest to promote the availability to customers of adequate, reliable, and reasonably priced retail natural gas from licensed natural gas suppliers that provide customers with the price, terms, conditions, and quality options they elect to meet their respective natural gas needs.

(2) It is the intent of this chapter to:

(A) Clarify existing law regarding the provision of competitive retail natural gas supply in the District of Columbia;

(B) Require the Public Service Commission to license retail natural gas suppliers;

(C) Authorize the Public Service Commission to adopt complaint procedures; and

(D) Establish standards for the protection of customers so that:

(i) Customers have access to reliable, safe, and affordable retail natural gas sales, including high quality customer service; and

(ii)(I) Customers have the right to receive accurate, easily understood information about natural gas suppliers, services, plans, terms and conditions, and rights and remedies.

(II) The information must be unbiased, accurate, and understandable in a written form, that allows for comparison of prices and terms of service.

(3) Customers are protected from unfair, deceptive, fraudulent, and anticompetitive practices, including practices such as cramming, slamming, and providing deceptive information regarding billing terms and conditions of service.

(4) Customers receive accurate and timely bills from their natural gas suppliers.

(5) Customers are entitled to protection of their privacy and are protected from improper use of their customer records or payment histories without their express consent.

(6) Customers have the right to a fair and efficient process for resolving disputes with natural gas suppliers.