Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–1438. Application of renewable energy credits.

(a) An electricity supplier may use accumulated renewable energy credits to meet the renewable energy portfolio standard by submitting them to the Commission as evidence of compliance.

(b) A renewable energy credit may be sold or otherwise transferred.

(c) Except as authorized under section (d) of this section, a renewable energy credit shall exist for 3 years from the date created; provided, that a renewable energy credit from a solar energy system meeting the requirements of § 34-1432(e)(1) shall exist for 5 years from the date created.

(d) A renewable energy credit may be diminished or extinguished before the expiration of 3 or 5 years pursuant to subsection (c) by:

(1) The electricity supplier that received the credit;

(2) A nonaffiliated entity of the electricity supplier:

(A) That purchased the credit from the electricity supplier receiving the credit;

(B) To whom the electricity supplier otherwise transferred the credit; or

(3) Demonstrated compliance by the generating facility with the requirements of § 34-1433(i).