Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–1314.01. Commission and OPC funding.

(a) The costs to be incurred by the Commission and the OPC, respectively, with respect to the implementation, administration, and enforcement of this chapter and any proceedings under this chapter shall constitute expenses that are recoverable from the Public Service Commission Agency Fund and the Office of People’s Counsel Agency Fund, as provided by § 34-912.

(b) For the purpose of funding the participation of OPC in the proceedings provided for by this chapter and in light of the expedited nature of those proceedings, it is necessary to ensure that OPC has available at the commencement of those proceedings the funds necessary for its participation in those proceedings. Therefore, to effect this result, any proceedings for which a commencement date or timeline is specified by this chapter shall be deemed to begin for purposes of § 34-912(a) no less than 60 days before the date specified by this chapter for commencement of the proceedings.