Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–605. Cooperation with consultant.

(a) Each agency of government shall cooperate with the consultant selected pursuant to § 32-603(2) in the conduct of the study under this chapter. Each agency shall provide any data, reports, or other information, in a timely manner, that the consultant may request in the course of the study. All information shall be kept confidential by the consultant until the final report is issued.

(b) The Office of Personnel shall provide, in a timely manner, the Commission with any information that the Commission considers necessary in order to carry out its responsibilities under this chapter. All information shall be kept confidential until the final report is issued pursuant to § 32-607.

(c) Nothing in this section authorizes the disclosure of any information if, or to the extent that, the disclosure would otherwise be prohibited by law.

(d) The Mayor shall provide administrative support, space, and other resources needed by the Commission.