Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–171.02. Establishment of Program and issuance of grants.

(a) There is established the Workplace Rights Grant Program for the purpose of authorizing OAG to provide grants to community-based organizations to conduct activities with eligible individuals related to employment laws and to inform the OAG's work related to employment laws.

(b) OAG shall administer the Program by:

(1) Issuing Program grants to community-based organizations to provide:

(A) Outreach and worker education;

(B) Outreach and legal services; or

(C) A combination of outreach, worker education, and legal services.

(2) Awarding Program grants at least annually, which may include the continuation or renewal of multi-year grants, to at least 2 qualified community-based organizations;

(3) Adopting policies, procedures, guidelines, and requirements for the grants, including performance measures and target outcomes; and

(4) Issuing all grants pursuant to the requirements set forth in part B of subchapter XII-A of Chapter 3 of Title 1.

(c) OAG may:

(1) Require that at least 95% of the individuals served by a Program grant in a grant year be low- or moderate-income eligible individuals or reasonably believed to be low- or moderate-income eligible individuals; and

(2) Pay grants on a performance basis or a reimbursable basis.

(d) Program grants shall:

(1) Have a duration of at least one year and up to 3 years, subject to the availability of appropriations and contingent on satisfactory performance by a grantee during the grant's first year or, if applicable, the grant's second year; and

(2) Be for not less than $100,000 per year per grant.