Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–1691.02. Establishment of the Information Technology Investment Program.

(a) The WIC, in collaboration with UDC, the University of the District of Columbia Foundation, Inc., and community training providers, shall establish the Information Technology Investment Program to provide financial assistance to District residents who seek to obtain IT occupational credentials through Program training and to support District residents in obtaining IT jobs. The WIC shall be responsible for providing funding for the Program consistent with the memoranda of understanding required pursuant to § 32-1691.05 and the IT training grants authorized pursuant to § 32-1691.06.

(b) The Program shall provide industry-informed, up-to-date IT training and certification at no cost to eligible District residents, who, under the Program, may receive the following financial assistance to pursue Program training:

(1) Payment of tuition, to the extent charged;

(2) Payment of academic costs, including the costs of books, supplies, and membership fees; and

(3) A monthly stipend to be used toward living expenses and transportation for participants pursuing WDLL courses or IT training through community training providers.

(c) Program training shall be offered at the UDC-CC campus and any WDLL satellite location and at community training provider sites located in the District, as approved by the WIC.

(d) Program marketing and public education shall be provided by UDC-CC, WDLL, and community training providers to attract District residents to the Program and for the duration of the Program.