Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–1651. Establishment of the Educational Stepladder program.

(a) There is established an Educational Stepladder program. The Educational Stepladder program shall provide funding for undertrained and unemployed District residents to enroll in certain certificate courses that are, in consultation with the Department of Employment Services (“DOES”):

(1) Offered by institutions of higher education accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and located in the District of Columbia; and

(2) Approved by the Workforce Investment Council (“Council”), established by § 32-1603.

(b) An institution of higher education described in subsection(a)(1) of this section that seeks to become a participant in the Educational Stepladder program is encouraged to enter into discussions with business and industry leaders to ascertain what workforce skills and knowledge are in demand so that the institution can design its course offerings to meet actual workforce needs in the District. The Council shall approve only courses that are:

(1) Tailored to the needs of the job market in the District;

(2) Designed to provide the student with marketable knowledge or a marketable skill;

(3) A maximum of 12 months in duration; and

(4) Student aid or grant eligible.