Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–1405. Duties of Associate Director of Apprenticeship.

The Associate Director of Apprenticeship, under the supervision of the Director of the Department of Employment Services and with the advice and guidance of the Apprenticeship Council, shall:

(1) Administer the provisions of this subchapter in cooperation with the Apprenticeship Council, local joint apprenticeship committees, and non-joint apprenticeship committees to develop criteria and training standards for apprentices, which shall in no case be lower than those required by this subchapter;

(2) Act as secretary of the Apprenticeship Council;

(3) Approve, if approval is in the best interest of the apprentice, any apprentice agreement that meets the standards established by or in accordance with this subchapter;

(4) Terminate or cancel any apprenticeship agreement in accordance with the provisions of the apprenticeship agreement;

(5) Engage with the State Board of Education and area community colleges on the administration and supervision of related and supplemental instruction for apprentices to ensure coordination of the instruction with job experiences; and

(6) Perform such other duties as necessary to carry out the intent of this subchapter.