Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–1331.11. Provisions relating to contracts with public bodies.

(a) Where, after investigation, the Mayor determines that an employer who is or has engaged in work on a project funded by District funds is in violation of this subchapter, the Mayor shall:

(1) Withhold from payment due to the employer an amount that is sufficient to:

(A) Pay restitution to each employee according to § 32-1331.09, including any applicable prevailing wages; and

(B) Pay any benefits, taxes, or other contributions that are required by law to be paid on behalf of the employee.

(2) Upon a final determination, the Mayor shall release the full amount of the withheld funds if no violation is found, or if a violation is found, the balance of the withheld funds after all obligations are satisfied pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection.

(b) An employer found to be in violation of this section more than twice in a 2-year period shall be subject to debarment. A debarment under this section shall be in effect against any successor corporation or business entity that:

(1) Has one or more of the same principals or officers as the employer against whom the debarment was imposed; and

(2) Is engaged in the same or equivalent trade or activity.