Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–4721. Acceptance and recordation of premiums on industrial life or sick-benefit policies.

(a) No industrial insurance company or agent thereof shall accept any money in payment of premiums which are in arrears on any industrial life or industrial sick-benefit insurance policy which has lapsed and which the insured seeks to reinstate, unless such payment shall amount at least to the total of all premiums in arrears or unless such payment shall, under the regulations of the company, make the policy immediately eligible for reinstatement, subject only to evidence of insurability.

(b) Every current premium shall be correctly recorded by the agent or by the company in the premium receipt book of the insured at the time the premium is paid.

(c) Every advance premium paid by an industrial life or industrial sick-benefit policyholder shall be recorded in the receipt book of the insured in exactly the same manner as current premiums are recorded, and accurate entry thereof shall be made in the record book of the agent; provided, however, that failure so to do shall not invalidate the policy.