Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–3171.02. Establishment and purpose.

(a) There is established, as an independent authority of the District government, the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority. The Authority shall be an instrumentality, created to effectuate the purposes stated in this chapter, that shall have a legal existence separate from the District government.

(b) The purposes of the Authority shall be to:

(1) Enable individuals and small employers to find affordable and easier-to-understand health insurance;

(2) Facilitate the purchase and sale of qualified health plans;

(3) Assist small employers in facilitating the enrollment of their employees in qualified health plans;

(4) Reduce the number of uninsured;

(5) Provide a transparent marketplace for health benefit plans;

(6) Educate consumers; and

(7) Assist individuals and groups to access programs, premium assistance tax credits, and cost-sharing reductions.