Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–2361.06. Appraisal management company requirements.

(a) An appraisal management company operating in the District shall meet the following requirements at all times:

(1) At the time of applying for registration or renewing registration in the District, the appraisal management company shall designate one of its controlling persons to serve as the main contact for all communication between the Department and the company. The designated controlling person shall:

(A) Remain in good standing in the District and in any other state that has issued the controlling person an appraiser license or certification; except, that, nothing in this chapter shall require that a designated controlling person hold or continue to hold an appraiser license or certification in any jurisdiction;

(B) Never have had an appraiser license or certification in the District or any other state refused, denied, canceled, revoked, or surrendered in lieu of a pending disciplinary proceeding in any jurisdiction and not subsequently reinstated or granted; and

(C) Be of good moral character;

(2) Before or at the time of placing an assignment to appraise real property in the District with an appraiser on the appraiser panel of the appraisal management company, the appraisal management company shall verify that the appraiser receiving the assignment holds an appraiser license or certification in good standing in the District;

(3) Any employee of or independent contractor to the appraisal management company who performs an appraisal review for a property located in the District must be a certified or licensed appraiser in good standing in the District; and

(4) An appraisal management company registered in the District shall place its registration number on engagement documents utilized by the appraisal management company to procure appraisal services in the District of Columbia.

(b) An appraisal management company that has a reasonable basis to believe an appraiser has materially failed to comply with applicable laws or rules or has materially violated the USPAP shall refer the matter to the Department in conformance with applicable federal laws and regulations.