Code of the District of Columbia

§ 31–2231.23. Hearings.

(a) Before the Commissioner takes an action under § 31-2231.22, the Commissioner shall provide the person alleged to have violated this chapter an opportunity for a hearing.

(b) Notice of the hearing shall be given, and the hearing shall be held, in accordance with §§ 2-509 and 2-510.

(c) The hearing notice shall be served at the person’s principal place of business by certified mail, return receipt requested, at least 30 days before the hearing.

(d) The Commissioner may administer oaths or affirmations, examine and cross-examine witnesses, receive oral and documentary evidence, and shall have the power to subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance, and require the production of books, papers, records, correspondence, or other documents deemed relevant to the matter at issue.

(e) In the case of a refusal of a person to comply with any subpoena issued or to testify with respect to any matter upon which the person may be lawfully interrogated, the Superior Court, on application of the Commissioner, may issue an order requiring the person to comply with the subpoena or to testify.