Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–1202.15. Board of Massage Therapy.

(a) There is established a Board of Massage Therapy to consist of 5 members appointed by the Mayor.

(b) The Board shall regulate the practice of massage therapy.

(c) Of the members of the Board, 4 shall be massage therapists licensed in the District and 1 shall be a consumer member.

(d) Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section, members of the Board shall be appointed for terms of 3 years.

(e) Of the members initially appointed under this section, 1 shall be appointed for the term of 1 year, 2 shall be appointed for a term of 2 years, and 2 shall be appointed for a term of 3 years. The terms of the members first appointed shall begin on the date that a majority of the first members are sworn in, which shall become the anniversary date for all subsequent appointments.