Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–934. Dissolution; methods; vote required for approval; distribution of assets.

An association may, at any regular or special meeting legally called, be directed to dissolve by a vote of 2 /3 of the entire membership. By a vote of a majority of the members voting, 3 members shall be designated as trustees, who shall, on behalf of the association and within a time fixed in their designation or within any extension thereof, liquidate its assets, and shall distribute them in the manner set forth in this section. The association shall file a statement of dissolution with the Mayor. An action in the Superior Court for judicial dissolution of an association organized under this chapter may be instituted for the causes and prosecuted in the manner set forth in part B of subchapter XII of Chapter 4 of this title; provided, that any distribution of assets shall be in the manner set forth in this section. In case of any dissolution of an association, its assets shall be distributed in the following manner and order:

(1) Payment of its debts and expenses;

(2) Returning to members the par value of their shares or of their membership certificates, return to the subscribers the amounts paid on their subscriptions, and returning to the patrons the amount of savings returns credited to their accounts toward the purchase of shares or membership certificates; and

(3) Distribution of any surplus in either or both of the following ways as the articles may provide:

(A) Among those patrons who have been members or subscribers at any time during the past 6 years, on the basis of their patronage during that period; or

(B) As a gift to any consumers’ cooperative association or other nonprofit enterprise which may be designated in the articles.