Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–910(Perm). Meetings; regular and special.

*NOTE: This codification is not the most current, due to recent law changes. To see the current law (including emergency and temporary legislation, if relevent) click this link: Current Version*

Regular meetings of members shall be held as prescribed in the bylaws, but shall be held at least once a year. Special meetings may be demanded by a majority vote of the directors or by written petition of at least 10% of the membership, in which case it shall be the duty of the secretary to call such meeting to take place within 30 days after the demand. Regular or special meetings, including meetings by units as hereinafter provided, may be held inside or outside the District as the articles may prescribe. If authorized by the articles or bylaws, members may participate in regular and special meetings of members remotely in accordance with § 29-305.09.