Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–806.03. Effect of person’s dissociation as member.

(a) When a person is dissociated as a member of a limited liability company:

(1) The person’s right to participate as a member in the management and conduct of the company’s activities and affairs shall terminate;

(2) If the company is member-managed, the person’s duties and obligations under § 29-804.09 end with regard to matters arising and events occurring after the person’s dissociation; and

(3) Subject to § 29-805.04, subchapter IX of this chapter, and Chapter 2 of this title, any transferable interest owned by the person immediately before dissociation in the person’s capacity as a member is owned by the person solely as a transferee.

(b) A person’s dissociation as a member of a limited liability company shall not of itself discharge the person from any debt, obligation, or other liability to the company or the other members which the person incurred while a member.