Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–601.11. Liability for inaccurate information in filed record.

(a) If a record delivered to the Mayor for filing under this title and filed by the Mayor contains inaccurate information, a person that suffers loss by reliance on the information may recover damages for the loss from:

(1) A person that signed the record, or caused another to sign it on the person’s behalf, and knew the information to be inaccurate at the time the record was signed; and

(2) A partner, if:

(A) The record was delivered for filing on behalf of the partnership; and

(B) The partner had notice of the inaccuracy for a reasonably sufficient time before the information was relied upon so that, before the reliance, the partner reasonably could have:

(i) Effected an amendment under § 29-610.01(h);

(ii) Filed a petition under § 29-601.10; or

(iii) Delivered to the Mayor for filing a statement of change under § 29-104.07 or a statement of correction under § 29-102.05.

(b) An individual who signs a record authorized or required to be filed under this chapter affirms under penalty of making false statements that the information stated in the record is accurate.