Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–510. Professional relationship; liabilities.

(a) This chapter shall not alter or affect the professional relationship between an individual furnishing professional services and an individual receiving such service, either with respect to liability arising out of such professional service or the confidential relationship, if any, between the individual rendering, and the individual receiving, the professional service. An individual shall be personally liable and accountable only for any negligent or wrongful acts or misconduct committed by the individual, or by any individual under the individual’s supervision and control in the rendering of professional service, on behalf of a corporation organized under this chapter. An individual shall not be personally liable merely because the individual is a director, officer, or manager of the professional corporation.

(b) A professional corporation shall be liable up to the full value of its assets for any negligent or wrongful acts or misconduct committed by any of its officers, shareholders, directors, agents, or employees in their rendering of professional services on behalf of the corporation. Except as otherwise provided in this section, the liabilities of a professional corporation and its shareholders shall be governed by Chapter 3 of this title.