Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–401.04. Reference to extrinsic facts in plans or filed documents.

(a) For the purposes of this subsection, the term:

(1) “Filed record” means a record delivered to the Mayor for filing under any provision of this chapter except § 29-102.11.

(2) “Plan” means a plan of domestication, business conversion, entity conversion, merger or membership exchange.

(b) Whenever a provision of this chapter permits any of the terms of a plan or a filed record to be dependent on facts objectively ascertainable outside the plan or filed record, the following rules apply:

(1) The manner in which the facts will operate upon the terms of the plan or filed record shall be set forth in the plan or filed record.

(2) The facts may include:

(A) Any of the following that is available in a nationally recognized news or information medium either in print or electronically:

(i) Statistical or market indices;

(ii) Market prices of any security or group of securities;

(iii) Interest rates;

(iv) Currency exchange rates; or

(v) Similar economic or financial data;

(B) A determination or action by any person or body, including the corporation or any other party to a plan or filed record; or

(C) The terms of, or actions taken under, an agreement to which the corporation is a party, or any other agreement or record.