Code of the District of Columbia

§ 29–1005.05. Right of member and former member to information.

(a) On reasonable notice a member may inspect and copy, at the principal office or a reasonable location specified by the limited cooperative association, required information listed in § 29-1001.10(a)(1) through (8) during regular business hours. A member need not have any particular purpose for seeking the information. The association shall not be required to provide the same information listed in § 29-1001.10(a)(2) through (8) to the same member more than once during a 6-month period.

(b) On reasonable notice, a member may inspect and copy, at the principal office or a reasonable location specified by the limited cooperative association, required information listed in § 29-1001.10(a)(9), (10), (12), (13), (16), and (18) during regular business hours, if:

(1) The member seeks the information in good faith and for a proper purpose reasonably related to the member’s interest;

(2) The demand includes a description with reasonable particularity of the information sought and the purpose for seeking the information;

(3) The information sought is directly connected to the member’s purpose; and

(4) The demand is reasonable.

(c) Not later than 10 business days after receipt of a demand pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, a limited cooperative association shall provide, in a record, the following information to the member that made the demand:

(1) If the association agrees to provide the demanded information:

(A) What information the association will provide in response to the demand; and

(B) A reasonable time and place at which the association will provide the information; or

(2) If the association declines to provide some or all of the demanded information, the association’s reasons for declining.

(d) Not later than 10 business days after a limited cooperative association receives a demand made in a record, a dissociated member may have access to information to which the person was entitled while a member if the information pertains to the period during which the person was a member, the person seeks the information in good faith, and the person satisfies the requirements imposed on a member by subsection (b)(2) of this section. The association shall respond to a demand made pursuant to this subsection in the manner provided in subsection (c) of this section.

(e) Not later than 10 business days after receipt by a limited cooperative association of a demand made by a member in a record, but not more often than once in a 6-month period, the association shall deliver to the member a record stating the information with respect to the member required by § 29-1001.10(a)(17).

(f) In addition to any restriction or condition stated in its organic rules, a limited cooperative association, as a matter within the ordinary course of its activities and affairs, may impose reasonable restrictions and conditions on access to and use of information to be furnished under this section, including designating information as confidential and imposing nondisclosure and safeguarding obligations on the recipient. In a dispute concerning the reasonableness of a restriction under this subsection, the association shall have the burden of proving reasonableness.

(g) A limited cooperative association may charge a person that makes a demand under this section reasonable costs of copying, limited to the costs of labor and material.

(h) A member or dissociated member may exercise rights under this section through an agent or, in the case of an individual under legal disability, a legal representative. Any restriction or condition imposed by the organic rules or subsection (f) of this section applies both to the agent or legal representative and the member or dissociated member.

(i) The rights stated in this section shall not extend to a person as transferee.

(j) The organic rules may require a limited cooperative association to provide more information than required by this section and may establish conditions and procedures for providing the information.