Code of the District of Columbia

§ 28–5404. Exceptions.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply:

(1) To retail sales made via mail, phone, or internet;

(2) To parking facilities that do not already accept cash as a form of payment as of December 1, 2020;

(3) To a food store or retail establishment that provides a device on premises that converts cash, without charging a fee or requiring a minimum deposit amount greater than 5 dollars, into a prepaid card ("cash-to-card device") that allows a consumer to complete a transaction at the food store or retail establishment; provided, that:

(A) Upon request, the cash-to-card device shall provide each consumer with a receipt indicating the amount of cash deposited onto the prepaid card;

(B) The prepaid card shall not be subject to an expiration date and there shall be no limit on the number of transactions that may be completed on the card; and

(C) In the event that the cash-to-card device malfunctions, the food store or retail establishment where the cash-to-card device is located shall accept, in accordance with this chapter, payment in cash from consumers during the time period in which the cash-to-card device does not function; or

(4) During a period of time for which the Mayor has declared a public health emergency pursuant to [§ 7-2304.01].