Code of the District of Columbia

§ 28–3906. Consumer education and information.

(a) The Office of Consumer Protection is established within the Department. The Office of Consumer Protection shall:

(1) Inform the public and the business community of existing laws, regulations, and guidelines concerning consumer rights and standards of fair treatment;

(2) Coordinate consumer education programs with, and use consumer education programs to help carry out, the consumer protection programs of the Department, including enforcement options through the Department and the Office of the Attorney General and before the courts;

(2A) Develop a consumer education program to educate consumers about the appropriateness of video and computer games for certain age groups, which may include information on video and computer game rating systems and the manner in which parental controls can enhance the ability of parents to regulate their children’s access to video and computer games;

(3) Handle publicity for the Department concerning cases under § 28-3905 when the Director requests;

(4) Aid the Director in the formulation of consumer protection plans and recommend legislation and regulations related to consumer education;

(5) Cooperate with consumer-related agencies, groups, and individuals in the District of Columbia metropolitan area to improve consumer education efforts; and

(6) Perform the functions of the Department under § 28-3903(7) and (8) [§ 28-3903(a)(7) and (8)].

(b) The Chief of the Office of Consumer Protection shall be appointed by the Director.

(c) In fiscal year 2006, the Office of Consumer Protection shall focus on investigation and mediation in the areas of auto repair and home improvement.