Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–441. Hearings — Continuances.

(a) A hearing may be continued for good cause. A written motion for a continuance shall be filed with the Board at least 6 days before the scheduled hearing date and served upon all parties at least 6 calendar days before the hearing. To be granted, the motion shall, in the opinion of the Board, set forth good and sufficient cause for continuance or demonstrate that an extreme emergency exists.

(b) A continuance shall not waive the requirements of this chapter governing the time in which to file objections, petitions, or other pleadings.

(c) The Board may, on motion of any party or on its own motion, continue a hearing to permit an ANC to vote on a material issue in the hearing or upon a determination that the interests of justice will be served by the granting of the continuance to any party.

(d) The Board may waive the provisions of this section if all parties agree to a continuance.