Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–127. Festival license.

(a) A festival license shall authorize a licensee temporarily to sell, serve, and permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages at the specific premises described for consumption on the premises where sold; provided, that a festival license may be issued only for an event that includes the performance of sports or a cultural or tourism-related activity.

(b) A festival license shall be issued for an event that is at least 5 consecutive days but no more than 15 consecutive days.

(c) The issuance of a festival license shall be solely at the discretion of the Board.

(d) The Board may deny the license application if the applicant had failed to control the environment of a previous event associated with either a festival license or a temporary license, or has sustained community complaints or police action.

(e) There shall be 2 classes of festival licenses:

(1) Class H (beer and wine); and

(2) Class I (spirits, beer, and wine).

(f) The holder of a festival license shall be permitted to receive deliveries from a wholesaler for up to 48 hours before a Board-licensed event occurring on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal District or federal holiday; provided, that the alcoholic beverages delivered pursuant to this subsection shall not be consumed until the date and time of the event and shall be stored at a secure location before the event.

(g) The minimum annual fee for a class H license shall be $1,000. The minimum annual fee for a class I license shall be $2,000.

(h) Only one festival license shall be issued to an applicant in a 3-month period.