Code of the District of Columbia

§ 24–606. Outpatient treatment; treatment where recovery unlikely; coordination of treatment programs.

(a) A chronic alcoholic shall be encouraged to consent to outpatient and aftercare treatment for his illness at the types of facilities authorized in § 24-603(a). Any person may voluntarily request admission to outpatient treatment. The medical officer in charge of the outpatient treatment is authorized to determine who shall be admitted to such treatment. There shall be 1 central outpatient treatment office which shall coordinate the operation of all outpatient facilities, and particularly shall be responsible for locating residential facilities for indigent intoxicated persons and alcoholics.

(b) For chronic alcoholics for whom recovery is unlikely, supporting services and residential facilities shall be provided.

(c) The Mayor shall be responsible, through the outpatient treatment programs, for coordinating all public and private community efforts, including welfare services, vocational rehabilitation, and job placement, to integrate chronic alcoholics back into society as productive citizens.

(d) No person shall be required to participate in outpatient treatment without his consent unless required under an order of the Court issued under § 24-607. Reasonable requirements may be placed upon such a person as conditions for his participation in such treatment. If a patient withdraws from outpatient treatment against medical advice, he may be readmitted at the discretion of the medical officer in charge of outpatient treatment.