Code of the District of Columbia

§ 24–241.06. Trust fund for earnings; disbursements.

The Mayor is authorized to include in individual work release plans provisions for the collection of the wages, salary, earnings, and other income of each gainfully employed prisoner when paid, or require that the same be surrendered when received, less payroll deductions required or authorized by law, and to deposit the amount so received in a trust fund account in the Treasury of the United States. Such wages, salary, or earnings in the hands of either the employer or the Mayor during such prisoner’s terms shall not be subject to garnishment or attachment. The Mayor is further authorized in individual work release plans to provide for disbursements from the trust fund account established under this section for any or all of the following purposes: (1) the payment of an amount not to exceed the lesser of 20% of the prisoner’s earnings, or $4 per day, as the cost of his room and board; (2) necessary travel expenses to and from work or other business and incidental expenses of the prisoner; (3) support of the prisoner’s dependents, if any; (4) support of minor children pursuant to court order; (5) payment of court fines or forfeitures; or (6) payment, either in full or ratably, of the prisoner’s debts which have been acknowledged by him in writing or have been reduced to judgment. The balance of such earnings, if any there be after payments therefrom for the foregoing purposes, shall be paid to the prisoner upon the completion of the period during which he is subject to confinement.