Code of the District of Columbia

§ 24–1101. Congressional findings and purposes.

(a) The Congress finds that:

(1) Juveniles who are not under proper supervision and control, or who have absconded, escaped, or run away, are likely to endanger their own health, morals, and welfare, and the health, morals, and welfare of others; and

(2) The cooperation of the District of Columbia with the states is necessary to provide for the welfare and protection of juveniles and other persons in the District of Columbia.

(b) The Congress intends, in authorizing the District of Columbia to adopt the Interstate Compact on Juveniles, to have the District of Columbia cooperate fully with the states:

(1) In returning juveniles to those states requesting their returns; and

(2) In accepting and providing for the return of juveniles who are residents of the District of Columbia and who are found or apprehended in a state.