Code of the District of Columbia

§ 23–1904a. Right to member of a hospital-based violence intervention program.

(a) For the purposes of [this section], [and §§] 23-1904b[] and 23-1904c, the term:

(1) "Hospital" means a facility that provides 24-hour inpatient care, including diagnostic, therapeutic, and other health-related services, for a variety of physical or mental conditions, and may, in addition, provide outpatient services, particularly emergency care, from which a hospital-based violence intervention program operates.

(2) "Hospital-based violence intervention program" means a non-governmental program that:

(A) Provides counseling, case management, and social services to victims at, or in conjunction with, a hospital to prevent retaliatory violence; and

(B) Participates in, or is a member of, a coordinating body for similar programs, such as Project CHANGE or the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention.

(3) "HVIP member" means an employee, contractor, or volunteer of a hospital-based violence intervention program.

(4) "Victim" means a person who has suffered an intentionally inflicted gunshot or stabbing wound.

(b)(1) A HVIP member shall, if the victim consents, have the right to remain physically present with a victim at any:

(A) Forensic medical, evidentiary, or physical examination at the hospital; or

(B) Interview with law enforcement at the hospital.

(2) A victim may at any time revoke their consent to have a HVIP member present at the setting described in paragraph (1) of this subsection.