Code of the District of Columbia

§ 22–4014. Duties of sex offenders.

During the registration period, a sex offender shall, in the time and manner specified by the Agency:

(1) Register with the Agency as a sex offender;

(2) Provide any information required for registration, and cooperate in photographing and fingerprinting;

(3) Report any change of residence or other change in registration information;

(4) Periodically verify address and such other registration information as the Agency may specify, including complying with any requirement to return address verification forms or appear in person for the purpose of verification;

(5) Report if the sex offender is moving to another state, or works or attends school in another state, and register in any such state;

(6) Acknowledge receipt of information concerning the sex offender’s duties under this chapter, including reading and signing a form or forms stating that these duties have been explained to the sex offender; and

(7) Meet with responsible officers and officials for the purpose of carrying out any requirements adopted by the Agency under this chapter.