Code of the District of Columbia

§ 22–4010. Maintenance and release of sex offender registration information by the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

(a) The Agency shall have the authority to maintain and operate the sex offender registry for the District of Columbia, including the authority to maintain the information obtained on sex offenders.

(b) The Agency shall have the authority to enter the information obtained on sex offenders into appropriate record systems and databases and:

(1) Ensure that conviction data and fingerprints are promptly transmitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

(2) Participate in the National Sex Offender Registry on behalf of the District, including providing to the Federal Bureau of Investigation all information required for such participation;

(3) Ensure that information concerning sex offenders is promptly provided or made available to the Metropolitan Police Department, and to other law enforcement and governmental agencies as appropriate; and

(4) Inform the Metropolitan Police Department that a person has provided the Agency with a notice of intent to seek review of the determination that he or she must register under this chapter in conformity with § 22-4004(a)(2)(A) and that registration information on the person shall not be made publicly available unless and until the Agency informs the Metropolitan Police Department that the Court has certified that the person must register under this chapter, the person has failed to file a motion in the Court within the time allowed by § 22-4004(a)(2)(B), or the person’s motion seeking review of the determination has been withdrawn or dismissed.

(c) This chapter does not authorize the Agency to make sex offender registration information publicly available, except as authorized by the rules promulgated under § 22-4011(g), or through the provision of such information to the Metropolitan Police Department or other agencies or authorities as authorized by this chapter.