Code of the District of Columbia

§ 22–2719. Bond for abatement; order for delivery of premises; effect of release.

If the owner appears and pays all costs of the proceeding and files a bond, with sureties to be approved by the clerk, in the full value of the property, to be ascertained by the court or, in vacation, by the Collector of Taxes of the District of Columbia, conditioned that such owner will immediately abate said nuisance and prevent the same from being established or kept within a period of 1 year thereafter, the court, or, in vacation, the judge, may, if satisfied of such owner’s good faith, order the premises closed under the order of abatement to be delivered to said owner and said order of abatement canceled so far as the same may relate to said property; and if the proceeding be an action in equity and said bond be given and costs therein paid before judgment and order of abatement, the action shall be thereby abated as to said building only. The release of the property under the provisions of this section shall not release it from judgment, lien, penalty, or liability to which it may be subject by law.