Code of the District of Columbia

§ 22–2703. Suspension of sentence; conditions; enforcement.

The court may impose conditions upon any person found guilty under § 22-2701, and so long as such person shall comply therewith to the satisfaction of the court the imposition or execution of sentence may be suspended for such period as the court may direct; and the court may at or before the expiration of such period remand such sentence or cause it to be executed. Conditions thus imposed by the court may include an order to stay away from the area within which the offense or offenses occurred, submission to medical and mental examination, diagnosis and treatment by proper public health and welfare authorities, and such other terms and conditions as the court may deem best for the protection of the community and the punishment, control, and rehabilitation of the defendant. The Department of Human Services of the District of Columbia, the Women’s Bureau of the Police Department, and the probation officers of the court are authorized and directed to perform such duties as may be directed by the court in effectuating compliance with the conditions so imposed upon any defendant.