Code of the District of Columbia

§ 21–2204. Certification of incapacity.

(a) Mental incapacity to make a health-care decision shall be certified by 2 professionals who are licensed to practice in the District and qualified to make a determination of mental incapacity. One of the 2 certifying professionals shall be a physician and one shall be a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist. At least 1 of the 2 certifying professionals shall examine the individual in question within 1 day preceding certification. Both certifying professionals shall give an opinion regarding the cause and nature of the mental incapacity as well as its extent and probable duration.

(b) All professional findings and opinions forming the basis of certification under subsection (a) of this section shall be expressed in writing, included in the patient-care records of the individual, and provide clear evidence that the person is incapable of understanding the health-care choice, making a decision concerning the particular treatment or services in question, or communicating a decision even if capable of making it.

(c) Certification of incapacity under this section shall be limited in its effect to the capacity to make health-care decisions and shall not be construed as a finding of incompetency for any other purpose.