Code of the District of Columbia

§ 20–702. Duties of personal representative; possession and control of estate.

A personal representative has a right to and shall take possession or control of the decedent’s estate: except, that property in the possession of the person presumptively entitled to such property as heir or legatee shall be possessed by the personal representative only when such possession is reasonably necessary for purposes of administration. When there is a request by a personal representative for delivery of any property possessed by the heir or legatee, it shall be presumed, in any action against the heir or legatee for possession of such property, that the possession of the property by the personal representative is reasonably necessary for purposes of administration. The personal representative shall pay taxes on, and take all steps reasonably necessary for the management, protection, and preservation of, the estate in the personal representative’s possession. The personal representative may maintain an action to recover possession of any property of the estate or to determine the title to any property of the decedent’s estate.