Code of the District of Columbia

§ 20–512. Copersonal representatives; when joint action required; liability.

(a) When two or more persons are appointed copersonal representatives, the concurrence of all is required on all acts connected with the administration and distribution of the estate; except, for: (1) giving receipts for or receiving property due the estate; (2) in emergency situations, when all personal representatives cannot reasonably be consulted in the time available; (3) when a personal representative has validly delegated power to act to a copersonal representative; and (4) when the will or a statute provides otherwise.

(b) Persons dealing with a copersonal representative without knowledge that such representative is not the sole personal representative shall be as fully protected as if the person with whom they dealt had been the sole personal representative.

(c) If a personal representative delegates power to act to a copersonal representative, such delegation shall not reduce such representative’s fiduciary responsibility.