Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–361.05. Acquisition planning.

(a) The CPO shall develop and implement a process by which each agency subject to the CPO’s procurement authority shall prepare and submit to the CPO an acquisition plan identifying the size and nature of the anticipated procurement workload for the following fiscal year.

(a-1) At a minimum, each agency acquisition plan shall contain anticipated procurement needs of the coming fiscal year with specific information on the following:

(1) Program-level needs;

(2) Anticipated multiyear procurements;

(3) Anticipated exercises of option periods of existing contracts;

(4) Expected major changes in ongoing or planned procurements;

(5) The guiding principles, overarching goals, and objectives of the agency's acquisitions of work, goods, and services; and

(6) Goals and plans for utilization of strategic sourcing.

(b) Each agency shall submit to the Council a summary of planned contracts for the upcoming fiscal year no later than the date of submission of the Mayor's proposed budget to the Council. Each summary, at a minimum, shall list each planned contract and the source of funding for each contract by program code in the budget.

(c) Not Funded.