Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–354.01. Source selection methods.

(a)(1) Except as otherwise authorized by law, all District government contracts shall be awarded by:

(A) Competitive sealed bidding pursuant to § 2-354.02;

(B) Competitive sealed proposals pursuant to § 2-354.03;

(C) Sole source procurements pursuant to § 2-354.04;

(D) Emergency procurements pursuant to § 2-354.05;

(E) Human care procurements pursuant to § 2-354.06;

(F) Small purchase procurements pursuant to § 2-354.07;

(G) Special pilot procurements pursuant to § 2-354.08;

(H) Reverse auctions pursuant to § 2-354.09;

(I) Procurements through a General Services Administration schedule pursuant to § 2-354.10;

(J) Cooperative agreements pursuant to § 2-354.11;

(K) Procurements through the DCSS pursuant to § 2-354.12; or

(L) Infrastructure facilities and services pursuant to subchapter VI of this chapter.

(2) The CPO shall publish annually on the Internet a report on the number of and dollar value of contracts executed under each source selection method.

(b) Repealed.

(c)(1) To the maximum extent practicable, each District government agency subject to the provisions of this chapter pursuant to § 2-351.05(a) shall solicit each contract in an amount in excess of $100,000, not including contracts for goods or services obtained pursuant to the District of Columbia Supply Schedule, through the electronic procurement system operated and maintained by the Chief Procurement Officer pursuant to § 2-352.04(b)(9).

(2) Paragraph (1) of this subsection shall not apply to an agency that continues to employ the same electronic procurement system that it operated or maintained as of April 10, 2018; provided, that the agency shall comply with paragraph (1) of this subsection upon the expiration of the useful life of such system; provided further, that the agency may operate and maintain such system, but shall not expend any funds to upgrade or improve such system or acquire a new system.